About Caning

What is cane?

Rattan is a natural fibre which grows in the tropical regions of Indonesia and China. The outer skin of the long climbing vine is called cane. It has a shiny surface, is extremely strong, and creates a beautiful chair seat that will endure for decades.

What is caning?

Caning is the fine art of hand-weaving a new chair seat, or back, using strands of cane to create a traditional pattern. A chair to be hand-caned is distinguished by the series of holes (frequently 80 holes) that run around the edge of the seat and go right through to the underside of the chair.

Can I do it?

Yes, it is not hard, just very slow work, and requires a lot of patience. Anyone can master the skill of caning, but it does not appeal to all.

Is my chair worth restoring?

People often ask this question. Only you can decide if the chair is worth repairing, basing your decision on useful life, dollar value, sentimental value and intended life to come. Antique chairs are, for the most part, worth repairing. It is essential to reproduce the original workmanship to preserve the inherent value. More modern chairs may be favourites that work well in your home or have a sentimental value to your family. One can make a judgement based on the price of repairs and the value of passing your heritage and heirlooms to your descendants.

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