Two Types of Caning

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Hand Caning

A chair that is hand-caned has a series of holes that run around the perimeter of the seat (an average of 80 holes), and it is through these holes that a new seat of cane is woven in, strand by strand of cane. The holes go right through to the underside of the chair - so, if you're not sure, turn the chair over and look at the bottom. I have a caning kit that is designed for one seat with holes, it costs $45.

Sheet Caning

This type of caning is achieved by applying a machine - woven sheet of caning into a routered groove in the chair. The sheet is held in place by a thin (1/4 ") strip of spline. There is no "kit" for this type of replacement job, but I will cut sheet caning and spline according to your size requirements. Sheet caning is 18" wide (add a few inches on all sides for selvedge) and costs $12.00 per linear foot. Spline costs 25 cents per foot, and 4 wedges at 75 cents each are recommended. Let me know if you need instructions.

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